Axie Infinity

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Status Effects

Axie Infinity: Origin Status Effects is one of the best strategy to take advantage of, you can use this to control the battle in Arena, use them right and you will win, ignore them and you will lose. Buffs Positive status effects Debuffs Negative status effects. Neutral Neutral status effects Those are the status effects […]

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Axie Infinity: Origin
Axie Infinity Axie Infinity Origin Axie Management Origin Features

Axie Infinity: Origin is Finally Here!

Axie Infinity: Origin is Live in Early Access What to expect? well there’s a lot of new things in Axie Infinity: Origin so sit tight and relax we will explain it. Here’s the list of all features in high level perspective Major Features: Axie Management Axie Team Management Collection and Inventory Status Effects Runes and […]

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