Setup Account

You can set up your account by doing the following steps:

  • Create Ronin Wallet
  • Get Axies
  • Account Setup
  • Download & Play

Create Ronin Wallet

Download and Setup Ronin wallet to your web browser, Ronin extension is available in Chrome, FireFox and Edge browser. make sure to follow each step carefully and save your private keys safely.




After you install the extension in your browser you can also download Ronin wallet from Google Play Store and App Store and install it on your mobile device

Google Play:

Apple Store:

Getting Axies

There’s two way to get Axies

First is from buying it from Official Axie Marketplace

or you can look for an Axie Infinity Guild that can lend you an Axie it is free but the SLP that you farm or earned in the game is going to be shared by you and the guild and the percentage are usually 50% it can be higher or lower it depends on the guild policy and rules.

You can find this awesome guilds on this discord servers

Set Up Game Account

After you bought an Axie or Join a Guild you can now use your credentials it could be an Email and Password or simply just a QR code. you can use these credentials to login in Axie Infinity app.

Download and Play

Before you can login of course you need to download Mavis Hub for PC or Axie Infinity Application for mobile devices from official Skymavis website.

Official SkyMavis website:

After you download the Mavis Hub or Axie Infinity application you can now install it and then use your credentials to login and start playing.

For a Quick guide you can always visit the official SkyMavis website and follow each steps

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