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How to play Axie Infinity origin?

Axie Infinity: Origin

Axie Infinity Origin is an upgrade version of the Axie Infinity game, the first thing that you will notice is the graphics. it is really polished now when you compare it to the old game and the Axie art style are now even better they are so cute. the layout of the GUI is well-thought-of, new exciting twist in game mechanics, Axie can now equipped Runes and Charms but enough of that let me explain how to start playing Axie Infinity Origin. some question first before we start

Are you a New Player? if yes you need to setup your account first, please click this link

After you download and install Mavis Hub or Axie Infinity Application , you can now login using your credentials , if you are in PC you will see something like this but I assume it will be the same for other supported platforms.

Step 1: Enter your email and password

Step 2: Create new account, don’t be scared just do it

Step 3: Create new Profile

Step 4: Enter your profile name

After that the Axie Infinity application will download the remaining updates, this should be fast just wait for a moment

After the update, Olek one of the new Starter Axie in the game will greet you!

Step 5: The game will ask you to start the basic combat tutorial and please don’t skip it!

Step 6: The combat tutorial will immediately start once you accept the first tutorial

Its your turn 1st , you will be given a set of cards that you can use to complete this first combat tutorial

Step 7: In Axie Infinity all Axie abilities are represented by a card but this time you need to choose this first initial card against your enemy to continue

Your Axie will immediately attack the front lane enemy once you do that

Step 8: Each turn you will have a 3 Energy, you need to use it wisely to defeat your enemy, every card shows the energy cost to use it , this time you will use a 2 energy cost card

Step 9: Once your done each turn, you need to click the end turn to end your turn.

The enemy will start their moves once you end your turn

Your enemy will also end their turn once their actions are complete

Remember all Unused Cards will be Discarded except card marked as Retain at the end of each turn

Step 10: Use this Puff attack card to continue

Step 11: You will noticed card with Red numbers are for Attack and card with Blue Numbers is for Shield, now try to use this Shield card to block the damage from your enemy.

Step 12: Some card can target enemy of your choice you can attack the first, mid or back lane depends on your choice, try it

Step 13: Some cards are marked as Banish card meaning once you used them they will be put in Banish Pile and there’s no way to draw them again, now use this Shield card to block your enemy damage.

During the combat you will noticed that your enemy have some small icon in their head, you can hover your mouse on that or click that to see some tips.

You can also click any enemy to see the enemy cards and other details

After you click the enemy you will be presented with this view, you can analyze your enemy cards to see what’s the best move to do next. click the close button to exit this view.

Last Step: Now try to defeat all your enemy to complete your 1st combat tutorial

Congrats! you have gained the knowledge about Basic Combat Mechanics of Axie Infinity: Origin

If you want to learn more about Cards, Arena Strategy, Runes, Charms and Crafting. please check all our page and post in this websites. we will slowly adding more information to help more players to get started quickly with Axie Infinity: Origin

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