Axie Infinity: Origin

What is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is a turn-based card game where you can battle online with your friends and other players. it is also NFT (Non-Fungible) based game where you can collect cute pets called Axie. once you own an Axie it is truly yours because its an NFT they call it true ownership.

Axie have 9 different classes:

Each class have their own unique cards but you can mix and match them it depends on your strategy but don’t be confuse this cards is linked with the Axie when they got born or minted.

Axie have 6 parts:

Each part have their own card sets and each card is assign based on the genetics of the Axie parents. by the way did you know that Axie infinity is the first NFT based game where you can play and earn at the same time? that’s why its more exciting than other monster pet battler games out there. if you like strategy and card game this game if for you.

Axie Infinity game is also getting a new version called Axie Infinity: Origin this game is an upgrade version of the Axie Infinity that’s why we need to learn a lot of new things but this is not a bad thing it means more possibilities and more exciting adventure. so lets start your journey now, please check the question below

New Players?

Existing Players?

Axie Management and Features of Axie Infinity: Origin

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