Axie Origin: Season 1 – Quick Review

Beast Rage Season 1

Season 1 is about to end soon, 20 days to be accurate, so here’s some quick information about the current meta

Best Team Composition for LB

  • Beast Rage Team (with Endless anger and 2 Pangolin runes)
  • Beast AOE Rage Team (using shady exchange, Holy Prayer and Pangolin runes)
  • Beast Rage with Plant Beast and Bug (with Mystic Rune Endless Anger, Gaia and Collect and Protect)
  • Healing (with 3x Mystic runes Gaia, Holy Prayer and Shady Exchange)

Beast Runes

  • Endless Anger (Beast)
  • Gaia’s Embrace
  • Holy Prayer
  • Shady Exchange
  • Collect and Protect
  • Pangolin

Quick Market Search Links for Season 1 LB current meta

Backlane Rage Beast

Midlane Rage Beast 1

Midlane Rage Beast with Taunt

Midlane Rage Beast 2

Very Flexible Front Beast for Rage and for other Comp

Front God Beast for Rage and Other Comp

AOE Comp Front Beast

Dawn Bird for Holy Prayer

AOE Bird for Holy Prayer and Shady Exchange

Collect And Protect Bug

God Armor Meta Mech 1

God Armor Meta Mech 2

Some cool comp but not that powerful in terms of current meta in top 100 LB

Backdoor Aqua Shrimp and Pocky

Backdoor Aqua Shrimp only

Backdoor Aqua pocky

We will not list Healing Comp build because it comes with different combinations and we don’t want to support that build its annoying actually and time consuming to play with!

and that’s all for our quick update for Axie Origin Season 1, Good luck to all players and keep on grinding!

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