Arena Mode

Arena Mode

The most exciting part of the game, the place where Blood, Sweat and Tears met. can you guess it? of course its the Arena the place where you battle against another player ‘s Axies. to win every battle being Brave and Confident is not enough you have to put in effort in learning Axie Combat Mechanics, Axie Team Compositions, Axie’s cards, Runes and Charms. you also need to constantly evolving your strategies based on the current environment and meta which is the hardest part because you really need to fully invest not just money but also your time to make it work.

To access Arena you just need to click play button from home screen

And then choose the Arena

Modes in Arena

  • Practice Mode
  • Ranked Mode
  • Tournament Mode

Practice Mode

In Practice mode there’s no ranking system. it means you can play it all day without sacrificing your MMR, this the perfect place to test your new Team Composition and Strategy.

Ranked Mode

Ranked Mode has the same battle system as Practice Mode, but it introduces a ranking system.

8 Ranks in Ranked Mode

  • Egg
  • Chick
  • Hare
  • Boar
  • Wolf
  • Bear
  • Tiger
  • Dragon

Each one is also divided into 4 Tiers ex. Egg IV to Egg I, Chick IV to Chick I, Hare IV to Hare I and so on and so fort.

To climb to next rank, players need to collect Victory Stars, from winning battles in Ranked Mode. Bonus Stars is also given when you have a winning streak of 3 or more victories but beware player can be demoted from losing so play only if you are in good conditions.

Challenger Sphere

Beyond the Highest Rank is Challenger Sphere, the place where all the master and strategies met. this is the Top of the Food Chain there’s no place for any error here, one wrong move and say Goodbye to your thrown. you need to reached Dragon I or higher to be in Challenger Sphere. there is no Tiers in Challenger Sphere all the top 100 players can be matched to each other randomly.

Ronin Spirit

Ronins Spirit will determine how much SLP you can win from battles and it has 4 spirit levels 0,1,2, and 3 and its based on the number of personal Axies you have on the team you use for Ranked Mode. If you use 3 personal Axies it means you have Ronin Spirit of level 3.


Players can only receive benefits of Ronin Spirit if they have Stamina. meaning no Stamina no Rewards and it is also based on the number of personal Axies the you have, so the more personal Axies you have the more stamina you can have but of course there’s a maximum of 60 Stamina. the formula is

Total Stamina = (0.5 x No. of Starter Axie ) + 3 x No. of Personal Axies (Cap at 60 Stamina)

Sample Rewards that you can get in Season 0


Ranked Mode operates is Seasonal format. each Season lasts 2 months with a 1 month break in between

2 Types of rewards in a Season

First-time rewards

received each time a player is promoted to a new Rank or Tier

Sample First-time rewards in Season 0

End-of-season rewards

received at the end if the season

Sample End Season Rewards in Season 0

Tournament Mode

There’s no information in Tournament Mode yet but we can speculate that this is for Major Esport tournaments

And that’s the basic information for the Arena Mode, if you want to learn more details about it just play the game. that’s the best way to learn and experience it.

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