Adventure Mode

Adventure Mode in Axie Infinity: Origin is much better because it has a story line about Chimeras invading the Axie World and better rewards, the story will be unfold one by one after you complete each stage. there’s 2 type of Stage in Adventure mode Small stage and Big Stage.

To access Adventure mode from home screen just click the play button

And then choose Adventure

Here in this image you will see that the Adventure Mode have a Small Stages ex. that number 1 with Blue Highlight and Big Stages Example that number 2 with Red Highlight..

The first map of adventure have a total of 19 stages that consist of 7 Big Stages and 12 Small Stages. You can always play the Big Stages even you completed them but you can’t play the smaller stages again after you complete them.

Milestone Rewards

Adventure mode has a Milestone Reward see those Stars in Big Stages, if you complete them you will get maximum of 3 stars, if you accomplished the quest missions on each stage. if you collect enough stars a Milestone Reward will be rewarded to you. see that highlighted red box with number 1 that’s where you gonna collect your Milestone rewards.

If you select any stage you will see the stage information first and in here you can check the missions that you need to do for you to get a stars which is the number 1 , enemies with the number 2 and the reward with the number 3. if you achieve those 3 missions you will get a 3 stars so keep that in mind.

The Milestone for Milestone Reward is 6 stars, 15 stars and 21 stars , reaching this milestones will improve your Foraging rewards. see the highlighted red box with number 2 that’s where you can claim your Foraging rewards. you can click that to see the rewards inside.

After you click the Gift button, the Foraging Reward popup will show from here you can see the Forage Rewards that you can claim. just click that Collect Button to collect your rewards.

For now you will get EXP and Moonshards but they might add other items in the future

If you try to click the gift button again, you will see that the time is reset and its starting to accumulate rewards. Foraging rewards will automatically accumulate over time, even while you’re away which is really good when you are too busy.

I think that’s all for the Adventure mode details, now go get those Milestone rewards soldier, if you find this information helpful, please like and follow us on social media, thanks for reading and Happy Grinding!

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