OP Axie Origin Team

Hi today, I’m going to show you a Team Composition that i wanted to build this team is so OP and really hard to deal in Arena, this is compose of 2 Dusk actually we can make it 3 but to balance it, I’m adding 1 Plant instead.

Our 2 Dusk Axie will have this cards


For drawing cards for free


For applying Poison and Bleed combo for Green Thorns

Tiny Turtle(Mouth)

For disabling opponent , it cannot use any abilities


For disabling opponent Attack Card

Green Thorns(Back)

For massive Poison and some healing combo with Sidebarb

Thorny Caterpillar(Tail)

For dealing Massive Damage while your opponent have debuffs like Poison, Bleed, Hex and Fear

Dusk Runes and Charms

Gloomy Dice

For applying Hex and Fear to the opponent, it will be hard for your opponent to use any card each turn because this shuffles Confused Card to your opponent’s Draw Pile when they use Attack card and Non Attack card. this is really OP and annoying

Cursed Doll

To Retain Tiny Turtle and Kestrel to clamp them , this will make sure that it will be more harder for your opponent to do any attack.

The Plant

Our plant role in this composition is just to heal the 2 Dusk and Tank the damage, our plant will have this Cards

Cucumber Slice(Eyes)

For Healing the whole team and Apply 5 Healing Boost


For summoning Trunk that will also tank the damage for the them , this is perfect because it has Taunt


For dealing some damage and some healing at the same time

Rose Bud(Horn)

For healing this plant to make it harder to die


For Extra Defense and for drawing some card at the same time

Hot Butt(Tail)

For dealing with opponent that summons a lot of minions like Robin, Mavis, Mushrooms and Clover

Plant Runes and Charms

Healing Pulse

All your Axies Regenerate 8 HP each end of your turn this is small but this is very useful and of course the +20% healing card effect is perfect combo for Cucumber Slice and Rose Bud

Ancient Root

For Retaining Healing Cards

Red Sage

For Enhancing Pumpkin Shield and Healing Cards again plus Cleanse for removing debuffs up to 5 stacks

The Position

1 Dusk will be place at the Back Lane and the other one is in the Middle Lane and of course Plant will be in Front to Tank all the damage.

And that’s it, do you agree that this Axie Origin Team is really OP? or do you think its not that good? please leave us a comment

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