How to add Friend in Origin?

Adding friend is Axie Infinity Origin is easy, let me guide you with this easy steps

Step 1:

Click the highlighted Sidebar GUI

Step 2:

Click the Add Friend Button and then a popup menu will show

Step 3:

In Search Field enter your Friend’s Profile Name in Axie Infinity Origin then press enter, the list will be populated with the profile name that you search, look for your friend and then click the add button

Step 4:

Wait your friend to accept it or you can cancel your request if you want

Step 5:

If your friend accepted it you will see him/her in the friends menu and that’s the steps for adding friends in Axie Infinity Origin. Easy right?

Interacting with Friends

In Friends menu you can see if they are online or not. you can click your friend GUI and then a pop up menu will open. this menu will show you some actions that you can do, you can choose live view, chat or invite them for a challenge battle.

Live View

If you choose Live View it will show you the live battle of your friend, check the highlighted profile it means my friend Ungoy is fighting a bot client. you can also see their current cards

If you are tired of watching you can exit the live view using the highlighted button

And then a popup menu will ask you to quit choose quit live view or if you wanted resume choose cancel

Challenging a Friend

if you choose to challenge your friend, you need to wait for your friend to accept it, your friend will received a message like this. they have an option to decline or accept your challenge.


There’s a CHAT/Message option but it is not yet implemented , but I guest its for chatting or messaging.

Removing a Friend

When your friend is really good in Arena and he always laugh at you maybe its time to move on and remove your friend, of course this is just an example

Step 1:

Open Friends Menu

Step 2:

Click your friend that you wanted to remove and then click that Gear Icon

Step 3:

Click the Remove friend button and then a confirmation popup will show

Step 4:

Confirm it, just click the remove button to Confirm and then good bye friend!

Accepting a Friend invite

After you remove your friend, for sure they gonna add you again and a notification will show up in friends menu if this happen

Now decide if you still want to add your friend or not , just choose check button to accept it or x button to decline but please don’t choose the Circle One not sure what it is but it seems for blocking a friend.

And there you go, that’s all about the Friend Management feature of Axie Infinity Origin. thanks for reading and if you like our content please follow us on our twitter and retweet this post, Happy Grinding!

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