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Combat System in Axie Infinity: Origin is different from the Classic Axie Infinity game. in Origin they introduce new concept and mechanics and today we are going to investigate this new changes. first we are going to check the new GUI of Combat System

in this image we clearly see that there’s new component in the GUI, lets check it one by one

The Cards

Each turn 5 cards are drawn from your Draw Pile

Energy Counter

This GUI shows the current energy that you have during your turn

Draw Pile

At the start of each turn 5 cards are drawn from here, it also shows the remaining cards in your Draw Pile

Discard Pile

Once you used your card it will always go to Discard Pile, if Draw Pile is empty the Discard Pile cards is shuffled into the Draw Pile. meaning almost all of your cards are recycled except for cards with Banish Card Tag. it also shows the number of discard card that you currently have.

Banish Pile

All card that you used with Banish Tag will go to this pile, when cards go to this pile it is never drawn again unless you have a specific card that draws from it like Tricky. it also shows the number of Banished cards that you accumulate.

These three GUI Piles are clickable you can always check the cards inside it.

Draw Pile Preview

Discard Pile Preview

Banish Pile Preview

You can also see your Enemy Info just like your GUI but you can’t click them to see what’s inside.

Enemy Energy Counter

Enemy Draw Pile Counter

Enemy Discard Pile Counter

Enemy Banish Pile Counter

You also need to know the Turn Counter which triggers the Blood Moon when it reached Turn 20, during blood moon your axies and your opponent axies are both getting damage each turn and the damage are getting higher each turn.

Turn Timer

Each turn you and your opponents are given 45-44 seconds to decide what action to do.

Of course after you complete your actions and if there’s nothing to do, you can always click the end turn button to end your turn.

History of Action and Turns

After you click this history button it will open up the history window

In History window you can check what cards you used and your enemy used in the past turns, you can take advantage of this if you are trying to predict what’s your opponents next moves or actions. mastering this tool will give you another edge in the Arena

Those are the most Important Combat GUI but there’s still more we will continue the rest

Your profile Information includes your name, level, profile image and profile border

Your Enemy Profile includes your enemy name, level , profile image and profile border


During battle you can also access the settings, you just need to click the highlighted button and then the menu window will show up

In this Menu you can choose Resume to resume the game, Setting to access the Settings or Surrender if you feel like you are about to lose anyways.


During the battle you can also do some emotes, to taunt your opponent but beware sometimes when your opponent got mad they become even stronger that is based on my experience, so use it sparingly you’ve been warned.

Once you click that Emote button, the emotes menu will show, you can choose any of them, I just wish we have more emoticons with audio of course

Emotes Preview

Emotes Smile

Emotes Cry

Emotes Angry

Wow that’s a lot of GUI, I think that’s it for now we will continue our discussion with in Depth Combat System Mechanics next time in our post. I wish this information gives you some idea on how this new GUI works and how to use them. thank you for reading and Happy Grinding!

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