Collection And Inventory

Collection is one of the new Feature in Axie Infinity: Origin here you can see all the possible Runes , Charms that you can collect. you can also view all Axie Cards here.

To access the Collection from home screen you just need to click the collection button after that the Collection View will open and the default tab is Runes Viewer

Runes Viewer

Runes Viewer shows all Runes for each class, you just need to click the left side button to choose the class that you wanted, also remember that the 1st Tab is for Runes, the 2nd Tab is for Charms and the 3rd Tab is for Cards.

Here’s some preview

Neutral Runes Preview

Plant Runes Preview

Reptile Runes Preview

Tip: Acquired VS not Acquired, when Runes or Charm are colored it means you already have it. if not then you need to craft it or buy it from market place.

Charms Viewer

You can also browse Charms inside the collection view, same thing you can click the left buttons to select for each class

Here’s some Charms Preview:

Bug Charms Preview

Aquatic Charms Preview

Beast Charms Preview

You can also browse all the Axie Cards which is very useful

They also added Card filter which is very helpful to filter cards that you really want to see

If you click the filter button, it will open up a filter menu, in this filter menu you can fine tune want you wanted to see

OK let me show you 3 examples to show how card filter works , let’s try Aquatic first as class then we choose Mouth to show mouth only with a Card Tag Attack after that we click close button to see what happen

Here we see that it did what we wanted , it only shows Aquatic class with Mouth part only and a Card Tag Attack , you will also noticed that there’s an active filter see that 3 number with red background?

For 2nd example, lets try Reptile as Class and then we Choose Three parts Eyes, Ears and Horn it means we wanted to see all that parts with a Card Tag Secret, close the filter again and lets see what will happen

You will noticed that it did what we wanted again, so meaning on those parts Eyes, Ears and Horn we have only 3 Cards with Card Tag Secret.

For the last example, lets try Bird Class , Back as axie part and then Card Tag Attack, here’s another tip you can quickly see that it found 5 cards, see the highlighted 5 card found! in the upper left side corner?

Now lets see the actual result, Exactly as we expected it found 5 card with Back part and Card Tag Attack in Bird Class

Aside from Filters there also Search field on the Upper Right Corner for Runes, Charms and Cards you can always use that if you know exactly what you are looking

Advance Tip: did you know that some Runes and Charms are seasonal only meaning you can only use them on specific season, so keep that in mind

Now that we tackle collections we can move to Inventory, technically inventory is the place where you store all your Acquired Runes, Charms and Ingredients

Ingredients View

Runes and Charms View

The 2nd Button, not sure what it is? maybe some legendary or epic materials not sure, we need to wait for this

And as usual you can always use Search field to find Ingredients , Runes and Charms

And i think that’s all for Collection and Inventory i hope you learn something from what we discus here, thank you for reading and Happy Grinding!

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