Axie Team Management

How to play Axie Infinity origin?

Want to setup your Epic Axie Team? this is the right place, please continue reading

Step 1: First click the Team button to open the Team Management View

Step 2: In Team Management View click the New Team Button, this will open the Axie position view

Step 3: In Axie Position View, for this tutorial click the first add Button from the left this will open Axie selection

Step 4: In Axie Selection, click the Axie that you wanted to add

Step 5: In Axie Position View, you can also move your Axie in different location

Step 6: After you move your Axie we can continue adding the rest of the Axie, take note positions of your Axies affects your strategy in Arena so keep that in mind.

Step 7: Wanted to change some Axie? you can do that by clicking this recycle button

Step 8: Look for Axie that you wanted in Axie Selection View

Step 9: Done setting up your Axie Team? time to save it, click the Save Team Button

Step 10: Enter your Axie Team name

Step 11: a Message Popup will tell you that you successfully setup your Axie Team

Step 12: After clicking ok, you will be sent to Team Management View, you can now click the Select Button to choose your new Axie Team as your active team

More Tips:

Favorite your Axie Team by Clicking Heart Button

Delete your Axie Team

Step 1: click the Delete Button

Step 2: confirm it, done it will now be deleted

Wanted to Edit your Axie Team Name? no problem just follow this

Step 1: Click the Edit Team

Step 2: Click the Pencil Icon next to the Axie Team Name and then enter the new Team Name

Step 3: a successful message will show up, just press ok then you will be back to Team Management View

By the way you can also Edit the whole team positions , or even swap all the Axie until you have your Epic Axie Team setup!

Phew! that’s all for now , we hope you find it really helpful specially for New Players, thank you for reading and Happy Grinding Guys!

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