Day: April 16, 2022

Buffs Debuffs Neutral Status effects

Status Effects

Axie Infinity: Origin Status Effects is one of the best strategy to take advantage of, you can use this to control the battle in Arena, use them right and you will win, ignore them and you will lose. Buffs Positive status effects Debuffs Negative status effects. Neutral Neutral status effects Those are the status effects […]

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Cards Charms Collection Ingredients Inventory Runes

Collection And Inventory

Collection is one of the new Feature in Axie Infinity: Origin here you can see all the possible Runes , Charms that you can collect. you can also view all Axie Cards here. To access the Collection from home screen you just need to click the collection button after that the Collection View will open […]

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How to play Axie Infinity origin?
Axie Team Management Team Management

Axie Team Management

Want to setup your Epic Axie Team? this is the right place, please continue reading Step 1: First click the Team button to open the Team Management View Step 2: In Team Management View click the New Team Button, this will open the Axie position view Step 3: In Axie Position View, for this tutorial […]

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