Axie Infinity: Origin is Finally Here!

Axie Infinity: Origin

Axie Infinity: Origin is Live in Early Access

What to expect? well there’s a lot of new things in Axie Infinity: Origin so sit tight and relax we will explain it.

Here’s the list of all features in high level perspective

Major Features:

  • Axie Management
  • Axie Team Management
  • Collection and Inventory
  • Status Effects
  • Runes and Charms
  • New Cards
  • Friend Management
  • Combat System
  • Adventure Mode and Rewards
  • Arena Mode, Ranking and Rewards
  • Battle Log System
  • Share and Replay Battle
  • Crafting System
  • Quest System (Coming soon..)
  • Chat (Coming soon..)
  • Mail Box (Coming soon..)

Minor Features:

  • Player Progression System
  • Change Profile Name
  • Changing Avatar Profile Image
  • Changing Avatar Profile Image Border
  • Settings


Three Starter Axies, for free to play users which is really good for users who just want to try the game first before buying Axies from Market place. this will definitely bring more people to the Axie Infinity ecosystem.

That’s the features of Axie Infinity Origin so let’s start with Axie Management

Axie Management

To access the Axie Management View from home screen you need to click the Axie button and then Axie Management View will show up

In Axie Management View, you will notice that the layout is really simple and easy to get you can easily move from LEFT to RIGHT or from RIGHT to LEFT to view all your axies

and you can also move LEFT or RIGHT faster by pressing this buttons

They also have 2 different layout views, you can toggle between them and you will get something like this, do you want this 2nd layout view or the first one? no worries you can always toggle it back again.

There’s also Sync Axie Button, this is important if you bought an Axie in market place once you pressed this it will load your Axies.

You can also click this Axie one by one to see more details here’s some samples

Got too many Axies? well we got you covered, you can use filter to find those precious Axies

Inside the filter window, you can search for specific Axie Class, Parts, Pureness and even search between the Starter Axies and Personal Axies, those class icons are clickable by the way

a new Window will be shown if you press add body part , from here you can choose which Axie Parts, I chose Clear for example

Closing the filter will actually trigger the search on my end i got this, see that active highlighted 1? it means you got some active filter

But sometimes your filter is wrong , you might not find anything just like this one, so be careful with your filters try to experiment with simple filter first

And that’s all folks for the Axie Management we will post more for the other features so don’t be sad, thanks for reading and Happy Grinding!

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